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26.03.2009 15:42

Today WWW.TECHLABS.BY is the only content portal on hardware and IT subject matters in Byelorussian Internet. The resource specialization is quiet diverse and covers all the aspects of IT both in Belarus and abroad. At present TECHLABS is, first of all, a unique test laboratory on all major hardware subject matters which are covered on the pages of the edition. The portal's experts are professionals in their fields and using up-to-date equipment and their work experience with hardware they present the latest and accurate tests of any computer equipment. On average 40 to 60 professional materials are published monthly. TECHLABS is also a news agency on four subject matters: hardware, software, games and news about Byelorussian IT-market. In the course of the day we cover on our portal pages up to 40 news of our own on all the subject matters. In a short time the portal managed to become the most popular online hardware resource in the Byelorussian Internet, due to its exclusive contents and united team of professionals. At present our resource is visited by 8 500 visitors per day who look through over 50 000 pages per day. We are visited, respectively, by 200 000 visitors a month who look through up to 1 500 000 pages. The aim of TECHLABS project is to give the possibility to get helpful and objective data on IT in the form of daily renewed news and reviews on computer hardware, software and IT.
The materials for the site are prepared by experts and journalists and are aimed at both professionals and ordinary users. The resource also covers all major events on IT-market in the Republic of Belarus and in the CIS, presents live reports and coverage of different IT-events in the computer market of Belarus and CIS. Regularly updated file sections and a game section attract extra audience to the site.
The staff of WWW.TECHLABS.BY edition consists of experienced writers who have been working for a long time in the field of IT and IT-journalism. Members of the staff are writers of main Russian and Byelorussian Internet and offline editions and are experienced in writing professional materials on IT subject matters. Exclusive materials with large-scale testing and most interesting researches that could be of great use for the vendors considering the advisability of purchasing some product makes the basis of the portal contents. Professionalism and interesting materials gave already been appreciated by editors of the best online and offline editions of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Now all those writers are working together for the same resource – WWW.TECHLABS.BY.
Competitiveness of the edition is due to the originality of the information presentation and highly functional well thought-out design of the resource which gives the reader an opportunity to get a convenient access to the sections of his interest, due to high efficiency of the resource renewing and also to professional contents and highly qualified experts experienced in working for mainstream Internet and offline editions in Belarus and Russia. There are no hardware Internet resources in Byelorussian Internet similar to the professional test lab.
At the moment there are 22 persons on the TECHLABS staff who are highly qualified experts in the field of the IT. The resource also employs the same number of freelance journalists. Employees are carefully chosen, new projects and programs for personnel training are being worked out.
We are looking forward to be your guide in digital and multimedia world! Any comments are welcome.
On any cooperation matters please refer to:
Director: Birzhakov Kirill
E-mail: birzhakov (@) labs.by

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